Web Design Inspiration: September

By September 2, 2015Blog
Web Design Inspiration September

Here are some cool web designs and styles we’ve found this month.

Blog & News

Blog and news sites are becoming more and more popular recently. With the option to integrate it with social media they have gained a lot of value. It can be difficult to visualise how you want your blog to look so here is a bit of design inspiration.


Blog Web Design
Online Shop Web Design

Online Shops

E-commerce web design can be difficult to get right. The most important aspect is to implement the very best user experience. Let the user find what they are looking for with ease and direct them to a simple payment system. If you want to sell your products online here is a great example of an online shop.


Full Page Image

Using a full page background image on your website homepage is extremely trendy in modern web design. Having such a simple homepage design isn’t great for SEO but can enhance your brand. It’s all about making the right choices for your business. You can find lots of examples of this style online but this has to be our favourite.


Full Screen Web Design
One Page Web Design

One Page Website

Single page websites can be a great idea for your business if you don’t have that much content. This type of web design should get your point across immediately without the need for additional pages. The most important thing is create an impactful user flow pushing them all the way down the page to the bottom. Here’s a cool example of this.


Flat Design

Flat graphic design is currently one of the biggest design trends around. With the combination of bright colours, exotic typography and minimalist design it is an easy way to present your content in an exciting way. These guys are ‘on the mark’.


Flat Web Design
Boxed Layout Website

Boxed Layout

A boxed layout is a style that separates your website from the background/browser. With modern coding websites can either be full width or boxed and it’s as simple as that. There are loads of good examples of boxed layout sites but here’s one of our favourites this month.


Full Width Layout

Full width layouts have boomed in the last couple of years, with more and more companies opting for this style. They’re great for showcasing high quality images and giving the website a minimal look. With a quick search on Google you’ll definitely find some good examples of this, here is one of our favourites that i’m sure you will have seen before.


Full width website

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