The Importance of On-Site SEO

By September 4, 2015Blog
The Importance of On-Site SEO

So what is SEO?

SEO is an acronym of Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the name given to activity that attempts to improve unpaid search engine results. Often referred to as “natural” or “organic” results. Google and Bing automatically analyse your entire website and rank your content on the quality of your SEO that are relevant to a search engine user.

So where can SEO be found?

You’re website should be riddled with little bits of quality SEO that when combined together improves your search engine ranking. SEO needs to be implemented in these areas:

Content Titles
These are the main headings on a page, they should contain keywords within that relate to your page.

Body Copy/Content
This is the main part of the text on your page. Just like the content titles it should contain keywords and phrases that relate to the page. It is important to include a range of keywords and not overuse a single keyword.

Page URLs
Your SEO can be dramatically improved just by setting the page url correctly and with keywords within. A page URL that is too long and full of keywords is just as bad as one without any keywords in at all. It’s all about getting a good balance.

Page Titles
A page title is one of the most important things on a page to improve rankings. Your page title shows up in Search Engine Result Pages. A page title can be different to the content title.

Meta Description
The meta description sits under the Page Title in a search engine result. It give you the chance to describe in a bit more detail about what is on the page and is one of your last hopes on search engine results pages to attract a searcher to come to your site. It should be a mixture of quality content and keywords.

SEO can be improved by labelling your images correctly. Your image should be named using keywords relevant to the page your uploading it to. When Google and Bing search through your website they will also search for all the images so it’s important to help them find the relevant ones.

Keyword Overuse
Avoid the overuse of your keywords. This can be seen by Google and Bing as spamming. Keywords need to be embedded naturally into copy and there should be a range of keywords used. Excessive use of keywords can lead to major SEO problems for your website.

No Copied Content
One of the most important things not to do is copy content from other websites. Google and Bing are very intelligent and can recognise when content has been duplicated. Google and Bing log when a web page has been published and updated so it doesn’t take them long to figure out who has published their content first. If you get caught stealing content they will blacklist your website which means you won’t get found.

So in conclusion…

SEO is ultimately one of the most important things on a website. It goes hand in hand with style, coding and content. The key point to remember with SEO is that it’s an on-going job and not a one off thing. You have to constantly work at your SEO and keep improving it thus improving your websites rankings and directing the right audience to your site.

This video gives a good explanation of what SEO is…

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