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Have you ever wondered why certain websites rank higher on Google for specific searches? There is a reason for it… and it’s all going on behind the scenes.

There’s more to a website than meets the eye… Page one rankings is just around the corner.

Many web designers neglect key tasks such as search engine optimisation (SEO) when building websites. While a site may look good it does not necessarily mean it has been well built for search engine rankings.

A well optimised website is a mix of good keyword usage, well written copy and correct use of page titles all targeted at your intended market. It’s no use ranking on Google for a ‘Renault Clio’ when you sell ‘Renault Clio mats’. You need to target the customers looking for ‘Renault Clio mats’.

google rankings position one

Important aspects your website needs that you may not realise…

  • Integrated keywords
    Have you used relevant buzzwords throughout your site?
  • SEO friendly meta descriptions
    Does the Google description reflect what’s on the page?
  • Title tags
    Have you correctly labelled your pages?
  • SEO friendly copywriting
    Have you written your text with Google in mind?
  • Image size optimisation
    Are your image sizes optimised to speed up loading times?
  • Image alt tags
    Have you correctly labelled your images for Google?
  • SEO friendly page URLs
    Are your site URLs clean and easy to understand?
  • Website sitemap
    Have you registered your sitemap with Google?

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