Rhino Roof Racks

Website Design, Build, on-going SEO maintenance and Google Adwords Campaign

Overview: We have helped to increase Vanliners Rhino Roof Rack sales considerably in the last 12 months. They receive a great deal of online sales due to our help and efforts with their search engine optimisation and PPC campaigns.

What we did: We went through the site with a fine tooth comb from an SEO point of view and started to work on phrase ranking for them pertaining to individual van manufacturers and models etc. e.g. “Ford Transit Roof Racks” “transit roof racks” “transit roof bars” so that people browsing for exact products for the vans could find them in the organic listings thus reducing their pay per click costs.

We also addressed their pay per click campaign and tightened down the irrelevant search criteria and added to their negative keywords forcing their spend to be spread much more efficiently.

Results: The result of this ongoing work is that the income from sales has risen, whilst the PPC advertising spend to achieve it has fallen.

Don’t take our word for it ask them yourselves, they are more than willing to give us a testimonial www.rhinoroofracks.co.uk