mjg hips website

Website Design, Build, SEO and Copywriting

Overview: MJG were looking for a clear and easy to read website which showcased their services in an attractive manor for their intended market. Improvement of the websites search engine optimisation (SEO) was a fundamental aspect of the project.

What we did: We structured the new website around the services and skills they offer making it clear for visitors to find out exactly what they do. Use of headings, icons and colour helped to break up the heavy copy. Quality SEO and well-planned key phrase went hand in hand with the simplistic website design.

Results: MJG Hips have actually “complained” about the amount of enquiries they are actually getting. We have greatly improved the websites SEO aimed at the MJG’s intended market thus generating new leads and new customer relationships.

Don’t take our word for it ask them yourselves, they are more than willing to give us a testimonial www.mjghips.co.uk.

Client testimonial

After looking for a new website design we came across Digital medics and were drawn to their promise to do a mockup site before a new contract was drawn up. This we found very appealing as we have used many other companies in the past six years to do our websites including AMCS Internet and also Hibu. All of the website companies have left us feeling rather cheated and we never really got a site we were proud off.
The first draft of the website came through within a week and instantly we got a feeling that this was a company that will deliver a website to be proud off. The whole process from the beginning to the end was effortless and digital medics were more than happy to make multiple changes throughout the process and we now have a website we are proud. Nothing was too much trouble and were actively encouraged to critique the website until we were happy.
I cannot recommend digital medics enough after dealing with quite a few not so big companies and one of the biggest I can easily say Digital medics delivered above and beyond what we were expecting with great value for money.

Michael J Gilchrist