Martin Berry Opticians

Website Design, Build, on-going SEO maintenance, Social Media Setup and Copywriting

Overview: Martin Berry Opticians Stockton Heath contacted us for a new website. As it stood they had a sub-page on the main Martin Berry Opticians website but wanted to break free and become stand-alone and self-sufficient.

What we did: First of all we worked up a visual. The client wasn’t quite sure on they wanted so we worked up a few ideas and then from there focused and developed one idea. We structured the website on what they sell and services they, we wanted to hit all website visitors with exactly what they’re looking for rather than a big long spiel about who they are. After the design and build of the website was complete we focused on the SEO. We’ve worked on local search engine optimisation to bring awareness online to they’re shop and what they do. The main focus was to get people to pick up the phone and call or for them to visit the shop.

Results: The website is ranking on page one for the intended key phrases, we’ve increased they’re web visitors and are continually improving their SEO. We’ve just started work on their news sections and have started to work on a Social Media campaign.

Don’t take our word for it ask them yourselves, they are more than willing to give us a testimonial