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By July 23, 2015Blog
mobile responsove website

The number of people who browse websites via mobile devices is growing; over 75% of consumers have access to smartphones and tablets. Your website should be optimised for these devices.

Even Google are rating responsive websites…

Google recently announced they are going to increase the importance of mobile friendly sites. If you want your website to rank high on Google and be found by your customers your website must be responsive.

Our websites are designed to adapt to all screen sizes and devices making them look great on all desktop computers and mobile devices.

responsive website

The key advantages of a responsive website that you may not realise…

  • Super flexible
    Don’t restrict you audience to a limited view of your site.
  • Cost effective
    Save money in the long run by having one site for all devices.d?
  • Excellent user experience
    Allow your customers to easily find what they are looking for with improved navigation.
  • Recommended by Google
    Google now rewards websites which are mobile responsive.

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