Maximise Your Online Brand Identity

By September 12, 2015Blog
Maximise Your Online Brand Identity

So you’ve got a great brand but how do you transfer that to an online environment?

Keeping your branding consistent from your printed media through to your online content isn’t always easy to get right. Sometimes it’s easy to lose focus on what you’re trying to achieve.

Consistent branding identity throughout

The most important thing to learn when it comes to your online content is that your brand must be flexible. What works for printed media doesn’t always work online, a good example of this would be variations in colour. A colour that comes from the printer can look completely different to that exact same colour a screen. It’s a fact and we just have to deal with it. A good practice is to have a set of colours you use for offline printed material and then another set of colours for online. A few other good examples of where you need consistency are use of fonts, images, logos and copy.

Let your logo develop

It’s quite a common thing to be precious over your logo. Understandably as it was probably the first thing you created for your company/brand. But if you don’t let it adapt to an online arena then you could end up restricting your brands development. In terms of using it online you may need variations of your logo. On your website it may need to be wide and thin, but on social media you may want to maximise the size of the logo as most social media profiles are square. So you would adapt the layout to fit a square space. Therefore making your logo easy and clear to read on small screens. By enforcing these different variations you will in turn grow your brand and make it future proof.

Keep your site healthy by feeding it quality content

Whatever you put into your site is exactly what comes out. Updating your website with posts, news and imagery is very important but you have to make sure you’re uploading quality content and not any old rubbish. You need to give your viewers a reason to go to your website, so don’t upload stuff for the sake of uploading. Not only do you need to think about the quality of text but also the quality of your images. Blurry, low resolution images are not going to attract viewers to read your posts. Just remember the posts you publish reflect on your brand – you wouldn’t print a flyer with a blurry image so why would you upload one to your website.

Push your sales

Call to actions work exactly the same online as they do offline. Once a viewer takes an interest in your website/content you then need to direct them to call, email or buy from you online. Make sure your phone numbers and email addresses are easy to find and obvious. You don’t want to make someone work to find how to contact you.

Overall the key thing to remember is that your brand should be a never ending project, keep developing and updating it. Move with society and keep it consistent and you shouldn’t go wrong.

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