Keep Your Website Content Relevant

By August 24, 2015Blog
Keep Your Website Content Relevant

In simple terms don’t advertise Kayaks in Winter!

Posting and publishing good content for your intended audience is the most important thing when building up your website. The next step to think about is whether or not your content us suitable for the time of year. You need to ride the waves of trends and jump in at the right time.

A simple¬†example…

Advertising Gazebos in winter is pointless, nobody out there in their right mind would be searching for Gazebos at Christmas in the UK. At the same time if you only start advertising Gazebos mid summer you will have missed a whole load of potential customers.

So when is the best time…

To ride the wave of great opportunity you need to advertise your product leading up to an event. So if I were advertising Gazebos I would start to ‘gently’ advertise around March time and then start to increase the amount I advertise in April as the temperatures rise, and then increase the advertising even more right up to summer, eventually letting it peak mid way through summer.

All in all it’s about reading potential¬†trends and flowing with them making sure your money and time is spent wisely.

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