Keep Your Site And Software Updated

By September 3, 2015Blog

We all know technology needs updating but it’s not always obvious why.

Just like a mobile phone, iPad/tablet and a computer your website needs to be updated. It is important to run the updates to protect your website from bugs and viruses but also to keep them functioning well in the variety of browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Goolge Chrome) out there.

So what does an update actually do?

Plugins: Website plugins that run on your website are just like apps on a mobile phone. They are usually created by third party companies who run and update them. As and when they release updates it’s important to update them on your website. This is to combat any potential hackers accessing your website and to make sure they are functioning in the right way.

Security: Updating your website improves the overall security. As you website grows old the world around it is moving on, online coding is developing and constantly getting better. You need to keep up with these practices. If the code of your website is not updated you leave it wide open to potential hackers who can spam you site or worse spam other people from your website.

Database Functionality: Updating your website not only improves the front end security and functionality that is visible to a user, but it also improves all the bits that are going on behind the scenes. Your website is constantly talking to a database which is made up of files. These need to stay protected at all costs, the main way of doing this is to keep your website updated.

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