How We Improve Your Website Security

By August 18, 2015Blog

Being secure is a constant battle so there are a few things we do to combat it.

Introducing security measures to your website is compulsory in todays online society. As technology progresses so do the amount of hackers trying to access your website. There are many reasons why someone would want to access your website, one of the most common reasons is that they want to send out spam from your account/website. Sometimes they want to gain access to any email databases you may have.

So to fight against this we build in a few security measures, these are not always bomb proof but on the whole will usually prevent a hacker from trying to attack.

Double logins
All our websites have a double login system. When you try to access any admin area on your website you will be faced with an initial login form. Once you’ve passed this there is a second login form. Although this may seem slightly annoying and “OTT” it’s all for good reason. This stops a hacker accessing the admin section where they will try and login to your website over and over again until they gain access.

Random Passwords
All the passwords we set are from a random password generator. This again makes it hard for a hacker/computer to guess the login details and access your account.

Secure Hosting
All our websites are hosted in a sound and secure place…. well not one place but actually all over the world. When we build your website it saves to a secure server and then duplicates it to various servers around the world. This means that if anything were to happen to one server the others would kick in a keep your website live.

Website Backups
Backing up a website is just as important as updating your website. The last thing you’d want is to lose any hard work and time you’ve committed to your site. That’s why we run a 30 day back up plan. So if something were to happen to your website then in the worst case scenario the most you would lose is a days work.

Spam Protection
Spamming has become part and parcel of the internet. Protecting your website from sending out spam to your potential/current customers is important. We build in an anti spam function to your contact forms to prove whoever is filling it out is human and prevent spam being sent out.

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