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Ecommerce websites

We build our web shops in Opencart. Opencart includes everything you need to set up an online store and sell online. Functionality and well polished is crucial to ensure you a steady revenue stream.

For this package we use a professional, responsive template and tweak it to fit in with your brand. Our highly skilled designers and digital guru’s are at the forefront in creating excellent user experience for both the customers and the website administrators.

Our Opencart templates will either be personalised to fit your existing company branding or we will create a website based on your personal preferences if you do not have an existing brand in place. All of our websites start by an initial meeting to talk over your visions. From that we then work up flat visuals so we can quickly move assets around and get an initial feel for the site. Finally our professional, advanced coders work their magic and bring those visions to life.

We give the site a kick start by populating it with your products and content. Once we have a complete website that is ready for launch we will get you to come in and give you a lesson on how to use it until you are comfortable to take over.

Ecommerce website features

  • 1-20 products pre-loaded
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited manufacturers
  • Multi-Languages
  • Digital products
  • Automatic image resizing
  • Discount Coupon System

Our sites include

Professional Design

Does your website reflect your brand? A professional designed website is key to making your business look the part on the web. From engaging graphics for your target audience to clear and concise text to easy website navigation; you need it all to convert visitors into customers.

Our designers / developers are here to help you spruce up your existing site or build you a new one from scratch.

professional website design
ipad mobile responsive website

Responsive Layouts

Is your website desktop, mobile and tablet friendly? Our websites are designed and developed to adapt to all screen sizes and devices making them look great on desktop computers and mobile devices too. You can be confident that your website will look good no matter what computer or device your customers are using.

Google recently announced they are going to increase the importance of mobile friendly web design. If you want your website to rank high on google and be found by your customers your website must be responsive!

Hosting Solutions

Who hosts your website and is it backed up? Our expertise in hosting makes your life easy. We make sure your site is fast, secure and reliable by using the highest quality servers and software. Our hosting is all cloud based which makes it perfect for you to access and update your website anywhere and anytime.

Our hosting security is second to none and all of our sites are backed up daily to 3 different locations. This means if you ever experience any technical problems we are always here to get you back up to speed without any glitches.

website hosting solutions
Website Security

Robust Security

Is your website secure from hackers? With the world of web forever expanding and developing you need to make sure your website is always secure from any unwanted intruders and/or hackers. Hackers aren’t usually after the content on your website, they usually intend to send spam from your site. To combat this we build your website with two levels of security so if someone did manage to get through the first barrier they will be stopped at the second one. In the meantime the Diagram Digital team, your Website Medics, would be alerted to a possible threat and be able to combat it.

Meet Dave

Technical Director & Digital Specialist

Dave is a co-founder of Diagram Digital your Website Medics and a lover of all things technical. He’s a hardcore coder and back end editor that can take your business to the next level. Dave’s expert knowledge of ecommerce platforms will guide and develop your company through the online shopping world. If you’re planning to sell online then there’s no better person for the job.

Email Dave: dave@diagramdigital.co.uk