5 Key Benefits Of Social Media For Business

By September 8, 2015Blog

It’s no surprise that nearly many businesses have been discovering the ways social media can contribute to their success and growth.

In this article we list 5 key reasons why running successful social media accounts is beneficial to a business.

Increases your brand awareness – Did you know that on average a person needs to come into contact with a brand around 7 times before they actually trust the company enough to buy their product or services. social media is perfect for keeping your business in front of your target market.
Drives traffic & sales – When it comes to driving traffic to your website social media can easily be the platform for this. If a customer has come directly from your Facebook or Twitter page it usually means they already have a good idea about your company and are more likely to purchase and/or enquire from you over a website they have only just found.
Easy way to improve customer satisfaction – You may not realise that people are already talking about your company on social media. They may be talking about you in a positive way or having a rant about something negative you have done. Wouldn’t you like to be on these platforms to address all company mentions, good or bad.
Allows you to communicate directly with you customers – Actually talking directly to your customers is a great way to build positive relationships. If your customers have a happy relationship with you it could lead to return sales and much more recommendations to friends. Speaking directly to your customer also means you can find out exactly what your target market wants and then your business can grow accordingly.
Effective advertising – One of our favourite thing about social media for business is how effective it is when it comes to putting your adverts and sales content out there. Not only is it much cheaper than traditional forms of advertising it is also of a non-interruptive nature. What we mean by this is that people who see your messages on social media have already chosen to do so by liking or following you and want to hear what you are saying as opposed to an advert on television that interrupts your favourite TV program.

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